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Modest Clothing Directory

All the stores in one place! An exceptionally unique directory of online modest clothing stores for modesty-conscious individuals. If a store that sells modest clothing has an affiliate program, I probably joined it and will get a commission if you purchase from that store.

Western-style modest clothing

Clothing styles typical of America, Europe, etc.

Modest swimwear

all the modest swimwear stores in one place, “kind of” modest to super modest

Modest formal dresses

wedding, bridesmaid, prom, mother-of-the-bride, and flower girl dresses

Trendy modest clothing

trendy styles—layering tees, shirts, long skirts, dresses…mainly marketed to youth

Modern modest clothing

stylish long skirts, long jackets, tunics, dusters…

Classic modest clothing

simple, feminine dresses, jumpers, petticoats, long skirts…

Modest maternity clothing

Girls’ modest clothing

clothing, swimwear, and flower girl dresses

Old-fashioned clothing

old-fashioned styles— dickeys, muumuus, culottes, housecoats, night caps…

Unique modest clothing at boutiques

clothing styles you won’t find just anywhere

Hats, scarves, etc.

scarves, hats, headbands, mantillas, hair coverings, bandanas, snoods, doilies

Medical hair loss

a tremendous variety of head coverings

Faith tradition/religion


Eid, abaya, hijab, long skirts, long shirts, swimwear, girls’, men’s


tiechels/scarves, snoods, skirts, dresses, Shabbos robes, modest swimwear

Latter Day Saints/Mormons

temple clothing, wedding dresses, prom dresses, layering tees, long shorts

Plain simple Christian

pinafores, cape dresses, head coverings, broadfall trousers, suspenders


veils, mantillas, modest clothing, nuns’ clothing, other clergy clothing

Trendy modest Christian

Messianic believers

only two stores right now
Zipporah Reshel Designs
Kiebortz Jewish Gifts